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2019 Focus AAU Player Payment

2019 Player Registration and Payment


Welcome to the Wisconsin Focus Basketball Family! We are thrilled to have you join our organization this Spring/Summer. There are many great things ahead, but it all begins by registering your son/daughter with our organization. 


Please complete the forms to the left and follow the instructions accordingly. We look forward to a season filled with success, fun and learning!


If you do not have a SportsEngine account, please create a Free one before going forward! 


Congratulations and good luck this season!!


If you are paying with a check, you will need to go all the way through the process and get to the shopping cart to access checking account options. 


Please email Sandy or Dustin with specific questions on your payment. Thank you!

Sandy Staffeldt

Sandy Staffeldt

Dustin Staffeldt

Dustin Staffeldt

Phone: (414) 852-8833